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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you so much for enrolling in Bangla Iskool. We are delighted to have you with us in this wonderful journey of teaching your child your mother tongue. This letter is to inform you on how you can get the best out of Bangla Iskool and how you can help your children’s journey be more meaningful and enjoyable.


Follow a daily routine:

Our experience and assumption say that if a 5 to 14-year-old child spends 30 minutes a day in Bangla Iskool, it will take them less than 4months to complete Module 1. This means in less than 4months, your child will read and write most of the simple Bangla words. As a parent, your role is to make a daily routine regarding Bangla Iskool and encourage your child to follow it. It’s much easier to do than it sounds because everything is cool in Bangla Iskool. Chances are you will struggle to get them off Bangla Iskool!

Take it easy:

It takes a lifetime to master a language. Bangla Iskool is just the first step to that journey. Our main objective is to provide the students with the ease and happiness of learning Bangla. Let them make mistakes, and let them enjoy themselves. Don’t confuse and scare them with the three Shaw’s or two Naw’s or the Juktakkhors. Let them enjoy the language first, the rest can be taken care of later.

Help them with additional clues:

In Bangla Iskool, we make everything easy. Whenever we feel that a student could get confused, we help them with clues. Like if we ask them to spell সাপ (snake) we tell them “Spell সাপ with a দন্ত্য স" or for পাঁচ, we tell them “Spell পাঁচ with a chondrobindu over পা"। Please remember, they can learn the correct spelling later. Our job now is to let them enjoy the learning process. Bangla should not appear to them as a difficult language. Remember what we say, Bangla is cool in Bangla Iskool!

Stay with your children if possible:

Bangla Iskool is fun, not only for the children but also for the parents. It is an extraordinary feeling to see your kids enjoying and learning your mother tongue. Although it is a self-learning and self-paced platform, your presence can make a big difference. Spend time with them while they are at Bangla Iskool, help them with the meanings, sentence examples, etc. Share your happiness with them, tell them how proud you are of their progress. It always works like magic.

Print the Playbook chapters:

After each video tutorial, a printable Playbook chapter will be unlocked and sent to your email. Please have them printed and help your child to do the exercises.