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Who is Bangla Iskool For ?

Bangla Iskool is a Bangla learning app that focuses on making the learning journey easy, fun and exciting. It is primarily for the children of Bangla-speaking people, who use English as their main language.

Children of Bangladeshi/Bengali immigrants

People migrate and live abroad. Their children grow up in an environment in which they become more comfortable with a foreign language rather than their mother tongue, and they slowly lose their connection with Bangla. If your mother tongue is Bangla and you are living abroad, Bangla Iskool is the perfect place for your children to learn Bangla.

English medium students

Although most English medium schools in Bangladesh and West Bengal have Bangla language in their curriculum, English gets more priority. The students are encouraged to speak in English amongst themselves and while participating in class. Most of their entertainment and interest factors are also English-heavy. If your children are English medium students in Bangladesh or Kolkata, but you are not happy with their Bangla learning process, you should definitely try Bangla Iskool for your kids.

Grown-up non-resident Bangladeshis/Bengalis

They are mostly second-generation Bangladeshi/Bengali immigrants who were either born abroad or migrated to a foreign country when they were young. They did not get the opportunity to learn Bangla in their childhood. Now they are grown-ups and wish to learn Bangla properly. Although children from the ages of 5 to 14 are the primary users of Bangla Iskool, adults will equally enjoy the exciting and cool contents of Bangla Iskool.


Iskoology© is a unique teaching method that removes all unnecessary obstacles from traditional language teaching techniques and makes the learning experience relatable, exciting and easy. It aims to not only teach children to read and write in a language, but to also make them fall in love with it, take an interest in it and expand their vocabulary. This can eventually inspire the children to learn more about their ancestral culture as a whole--the ultimate expectation of their parents.

Meet Jeeyon & Rafia

They will accompany you through the super-fun tutorial videos. A series of short online video tutorials in a language and tone that you can relate to and enjoy.


Interactive writing modules to practice what you learn. You can’t move on to the next step until you perfect it.


Bagadoolia is an engaging and exciting multi-platform online game that takes learning to the next level. You will love playing it and your parents won’t ever complain!


Did you know that hand writing your notes increases your focus while studying? Playbooks can help you with that. Playbooks are printable exercise books full of captivating word challenges. You can print them and practice whenever you want.


Finding relatable Bangla books for English-speaking children is a difficult task. To solve this, Bangla Iskool has created a library loaded with books that a beginner-level Bangla student can read, understand and enjoy. We are adding new books regularly so that there will always be enough books for you.


The Analytics will help you and your parents monitor your learning progress.